Progressive resistance settings are an important part of any muscle exercise regimen; as the pelvic floor muscle gets stronger the resistance or pressure in the sensor can and should be increased to chanllenge the muscle more. This allows the pelvic floor muscle to grow stronger.

At the same time the resistance can also be decreased whenever the pelvic floor muscle gets tired.
Frequently users have observed that the pelvic floor muscle gets tired after a few contractions and in the evenings (compared to the mornings) - thus resistance settings can also be decreased to provide the muscle with a challenging but realistic resistance setting. As you get stronger, there are two additional ways to meke the exercises more challenging:
First you can increase the number of repetitions and
second, you can hold the same contractions longer.

For instance if moving the needle from 40 to 120 20 times (for 5 seconds) in a row gets too easy you can: (1) increase the base pressure to a value higher than 50 before you start exercising (more resistance) (2) repeat the same contraction 40 times instead of 20 times (3) hold the contractions 10 seconds instead of 5 seconds