Quickly assess pelvic floor muscle strength. Order a free trial for a Pelvexiser diagnostic device (with all three sensors pre-assembled) by filling out the form below. We will send you a Pelvexiser with all sensors fully assembled after verifying your status as a medical professional. The product for patients includes only one handle with multiple sensors tops, thus the patient has to manually change sensor tops to change sizes.

The professional device comes with an instruction manual included on how to interpret the data. The Pelvexiser can help quickly establish the strength of the pelvic floor, but the device does not replace more complex uro-dynamic tests if the muscle is weak. Thus the use of the Pelvexiser as a diagnostic device is most useful for gynecologists and family practitioners. After a free three month trial the device can be either returned or purchased for $65.95.

If you are a durable medical equipment wholeseller or retailer, please also fill out the below form for a display device if you want to see a sample.

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