The Pelvexiser basic is ideal for anyone who has very good control over the pelvic floor muscle and simply need an adjustable resistance for their pelvic floor exercises. The Pelvexiser basic offers all the advantages of the Pelvexiser IQ, except for the visual biofeedback function. The Pelvexiser basic features:

a patented sensor design has a unique design which accurately measures pelvic floor muscle movments, not movements from the abs and thighs. This feature is unavailable with most other exercisers.

Progressively adjusteable resistance settings allows the user to exercise against the desired level of difficulty.
Three exchangeable sensor sizes are offered for maximum comfort.

Easy resistance control: the manual pump (to increase resistance) and the pressure release button can be operated with the same hand, which allows the user to easily exercise.

The PelvIQ is very easy to clean . The top of the sensor, which touches the skin is detacheable and can be cleaned and steralized.

Below you can order the Pelvexiser basic and/or replacement sensors. Please keep in mind that (just as with the Pelvexiser IQ) that medium and large sensors are recommended for vaginal use and small sensors are recommended for anal use.
Pelvexiser Basic (plus sensor)
Replacement Sensors