About Us

We are a group of physicians and researchers who are on a mission to develop safe and effective therapies for urinary incontinence and make them available to medical professionals and patients.
Brief history

1997: Dr. Ilse Michl filed the patent for treatment of a weak pelvic floor muscle.

1999: Prof. Enzelsberger published our clinical study in Vienna in 1999. The R&D/Design team (Dr. Christoph Weismayer, Dr. Don Malott) won $20,000 in the largest University funded business plan competition in the US (the Burton Morgan Business Plan Competition at Purdue University, West-Lafayette, Indiana).

2001: The first prototype was awarded second place at the Merle Volding Competition at the University of Iowa (Iowa City, Iowa).

2002: The patented designs were developed into a product at the Purdue University Technology Center (see picture above). FDA clearance was obtained.

2004: Mag. Wolfram Haboeck obtains TUEF clearance for Europe.

2006: Creative Pelvic Therapies starts to cooperate with Pelvinn LLC, in Morton Illionois, as our main representative and distributor in the US.

2007: The German National Insurance and the largest regional Austrian insurance start to cover the PelvIQ.

2007: Company headquarters are moved from Vienna Austria to Poppi, near Rome (Italy).